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Radio Free Euphoria (email)


Join Captain Ganja for a ride through the state of Euphoria.
In 2002-2003, was 5PM every other Sunday on 7415, alternating with Radio Three with Sal Ammoniac.

Radio Three, with America's Pal, Sal Ammoniac, and "the best music you never heard," noted on Sunday 12/14/3 at 2200 on 7415 with a great signal. Obscure and upbeat rock music, with an occasional ad for the Association of Clandestine Enthuiasts (ACE).

Replaced by repeats of Allan's show around the first of June, 2004. Michael Ketter tells us that the Captain is working on new material for future airplay on Area 51 (6/19/04).

According to the Captain's website, tune in on the second sunday of the month at 7PM ET on 5105 Megahemps for new episodes (7/17/4).

The bi-weekly broadcast of Radio Free Euphoria on WBCQ 7415 ended in February 2004. Since then, Captain Ganja has been occasionally producing new shows, and these as well as classic airchecks are heard occasionally on the Area 51 block on WBCQ.

New shows on WBCQ 5130 Saturday evenings as of September 2016.