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To quote an article written about Pirate Joe in Roll Magazine: "The Pirate Joe Country Music Radio Show and Old Blues and R&B Extravaganzo" features music from the vintage collection and airs Tuesday through Thursday from 3-6 PM. J.P. is never afraid to provide a more left-leaning viewpoint to counter the roar of the AM right as well. "Look, the rules of the game are, if you're doing anything worthwhile, you're probably not going to make money at it. It's inversely proportional. If you're doing garbage, you are going to get rich. And as we become more of a corp-tatorship, that trend is only going to get worse." Might as well just enjoy the music, then. And with Pirate Joe the music is always a blend of truly Classic American Music that you rarely get to hear and will always appreciate and enjoy.
Dropped from weekdays 3-4PM eastern time to Tuesdays only effective January 20, 2014, per Pirate Joe.